How Safe Is Your Home?

It is virtually impossible to stop a determined burglar, but you can become a less likely target by securing your home.

  1. Front door : 5 Lever BS mortice lock, hinge bolts, London bar, auto dead-locking night-latch, spy hole, door chain, Birmingham bar
  2. Back Door: 5 Lever BS sash-lock, hinge bolts, key operated security shoot bolts.
  3. Garage : Additional security locks on either side.
  4. Ground Floor Windows : Key locks, security grilles
  5. Upper Windows : Key locks, security grilles
  6. French Doors : 5 Lever BS dead-lock, key operated shoot bolts, hinge bolts
  7. Alarm : Monitored alarm system
  8. Roof Light : Key locks, grilles
  9. Fencing : Spike strips to top edge of fencing
  10. Security Lights & CCTV

Please take the time to review your home security before a BURGLAR does!